CAO Highlights

Mayor's 2014-15 Proposed Budget Is Released - 4/14/14

Save Our Streets and Sidewalks Los Angeles - 3/17/14

CAO Report - Staying the Course Presentation - 3/17/14

Los Angeles 2nd Regional Investors Conference
February 26-27, 2014

Los Angeles Triathlon® RFP for Operation/Promotion on the City's Behalf Will Soon Be Released

Rating Agency Reports Regarding Pension Funding - 10/17/13

Proposed IBEW Settlement Agreement8/22/13

Development Services Reform

CAO Recommendation for the Los Angeles Convention Center Request for Proposal for Management and Operations - 6/4/13

CAO Presentation on the Proposed Budget - 4/30/13

Economic Development Initiative Presentation to Neighborhood Councils - 3/6/13

City at a Crossroads Presentation - 2/11/13

City at a Crossroads - CAO report released 2/7/13

Prior-Year Encumbrances and General Fund Encumbrance Policy - 2/1/13

Pension Reform
     Pension Reform for New Hires - LACERS
     CAO report released 9/18/12
     Council File 10-1250

     "Myth-Conceptions" About LACERS Tier II
      For New Employees

      Document released 10/4/12

     Comparison Of The Bankruptcy Avoidance And Pension Protection (Riordan)
     Charter Amendment To City Pension Plans

Half Cent Sales (Transaction) Tax Ballot Measure

Los Angeles Convention Center Proposal for an Enhanced Governance Structure CAO report released 8/3/12
     Staff Report, 12/11/12
     Request for Proposals









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